Hohoho…Merry Christmas (in Santa’s voice)…lol! Compliments of this wonderful season to you and yours.

On our stable today is the review of an amazing short story written by Mrs Kemi Oyedepo. This 72-page e-book is a fiction which centers around the lives of four youths: Laila Ocheng, Ben Manda, Matthew Smith and Kiki Taylor. Their jobs, family, relationships and all else that revolve around the life of a youth are brilliantly captured in this piece.

The narrative, choice of words and plot capture the reader’s attention all through. More so, the suspense makes it more intriguing.

Some major themes from this story are further discussed:


God’s love for us is the underlying theme of this story. Through Ben and Kiki’s lives, we understand that no matter how far and deep we are in sin, God’s redeeming love is able to wash us off our sins.  Through His love, we can start our lives on a fresh slate.

Choice & Consequence:

In as much as God loves us and offers us the opportunity for a fresh start, we must be aware that our choices have consequences. Unlike several false teachings on salvation, the author clearly makes the reader aware that even as God’s children we are responsible for the choices we make as well as the corresponding consequences. Ben, for instance lived a wayward life until he repented. At a point, he had three different girl friends who knew nothing about each other. Eventually, two of them got pregnant for him at the same time. In leading him to Christ, Matthew was quick to point out that although God had forgiven him, he still had to be responsible for his girlfriends and their babies. Laila, also decided to date Ben for so long even though she  knew he was not meant for her. The consequence was a devastating heart break.

Oh Ben. He hurt Laila so much. After seven long years of dating, he chooses to call it quit through a letter. Who does that? Laila was left thoroughly hurt but she chose to forgive him eventually.
As a single male/female, one major good you can do for yourself is having godly friends to whom you are accountable and vice-versa. This helps to keep you in check. Laila and Kiki; Ben and Matthew had each other. To whom are you accountable?
The writer emphatically stresses this theme. Waiting on God for a life partner isn’t dating every male/female that you come across; dating is a purposeful venture. While waiting on God to locate/ be located by your spouse; get satisfied loving on God. Get to know Him better, serve Him with your time, resources; waiting is not wasting.

I could go on and on but that would prevent you from having a read. The author has made this e-book very accessible. If you think, you would love to read but not sure how soon you can read it, how about you  read while you commute to fete with friends and family this season. Plus, it’s free; nothing stops you from downloading right now.

If you’re still wondering what to gift others with in this season, you just got an idea.
Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!