Hello there, season’s greetings. Trust you had an amazing Christmas celebration?

It’s another Review Session and today’s extra unique. We’re not reviewing a book, song, movie, article, event etc ; We’re taking a moment or two to review our lives in the past 362 days.

The Cambridge dictionary defines review as “to think or talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or to make a decision about it:” Very apt! It’s time to think through the happenings of 2017 in order to make changes to them or make decisions for/ against them.

A review is best done where there are objectives/goals with which you can measure your results by. However, if you did not set goals (not new year resolutions now) for the year, no need beating yourself up. If you are very honest with yourself, you could still do yourself some justice. Let’s see how good we fared:

  • What was your relationship with God like in 2017?
  • What opportunities did you explore in serving God and advancing His kingdom (praying, giving, volunteering)?
  • How many people did you introduce to Jesus?
  • How much did you support your spouse in building a Godly home/ raising Godly Children?
  • Were you able to devote more time to your family?
  • Any remarkable career growth recorded?
  • How many books did you read in 2017?
  • Did you explore opportunities for growth or you chose to be comfortable with status quo?
  • Were you able to attend any conferences, networking sessions to boost your career?
  • How much good did your circle of friends add to you in 2017 and vice versa?
  • Did you visit any new place(s)?
  • Were you able to make any form of long term investments?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s only a guideline. Please be honest with yourself while taking this exercise. It’s also time to evaluate relationships. While some might be worth fighting for, some others require you to let go and let God. It might be quite a difficult decision to make but you’ll certainly be better off for it. A proper review of 2017 will set the pace for a better 2018.

In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo, “it is foolishness to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result”. What things are going to change in 2018?
2018 can be all God has ordained it to be for you but how prepared are you?
God’s blessings always,

**P.S: This is officially our last post in 2017. God bless you a thousand times over for being a part of this vision. Thank you for always taking out time to read and share our posts, it sure means a lot to us. We’re really excited about 2018 because God is set to do bigger things through 1nebody. We look forward to sharing more meditations, reviewing amazing works and showcasing individuals/ organisations who are spreading the light of the gospel in their own beautiful way(s).

Think there’s something we should review or an individual/organization we should showcase? Please send us a mail. We’re looking forward to it already!
Happy new 2018 to you and yours.