Dear Amazing Reader,
Happy new year to you once again.  It’s certainly going to be your best year yet (whoop whoop) so congratulations already!

It’s Review Thursday today and we’re beginning the year’s reviews with this heartfelt prayer, wrapped in acoustics and rendered by Hillsong united. It was first released in 2013 as part of the Zion album. Although, it’s almost five years now but it’s still as beautiful.

It’s a song of trust, faith, hope, rest, assurance, guidance…and a lot more. In this new year, where many of us will be treading unfamiliar paths in a bid to achieve greater heights; this prayer (song) certainly should not be far from your lips.

God will be calling you to deep waters, great unknowns by your definition. Of course, there will be storms; there’s the test of your faith. Would you keep your eyes above the waves as you call on Him or would you let the waves sweep you off your feet?

In 2018, are you willing to let God hold you by the hand as you both walk on the ‘waters’. His sovereign hand is able to uphold you as long as you let Him. The antecedents are available for your perusal if you are ever in doubt. He’s never failed anyone before and He certainly won’t start now.

You have probably heard this song before but you are implored to pray it this time. Not just mouth it, but heart it (soak it in until your spirit starts to sing along as well).

It’s my prayer that your faith will not fail in 2018 and beyond.

God’s blessings always,

P.S: A structured review was impossible with this song.