Voila!!!! Our Showcase Sessions are back and better. Team Showcase wishes you God’s best for the new year.

Let’s hit the ground running, shall we?

As it is with several individuals, organizations, churches; January is a time for strategizing, planning, mapping out. For many, strategizing involves  seeking the face of God in prayers coupled with fasting. While some see it as cliché and completely ignore it, many others have been able to maximize its benefits.

‘Fasting’ has become very relative with believers today. In fact, there are various schools of thought on this subject. Well, this post is not intended to get you into further arguments; rather it aims to point out how to make the best use of the season. To this end, our Showcase Sessions all through January 2018 will be dedicated to maximizing our strategy season.

We’ll take a few points today.


 This is  primarily a two-way communication between God and man. In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo, ” prayer is what gives value to fasting.” Otherwise, it could as well pass as a diet. When we engage in fasting, it  helps to sharpen our spiritual antennae. “Fasting leans the body but fattens the spirit”; Bishop David Abioye


While it is very paramount to pray, it is also necessary to write down what you’re praying about  and here’s why. When the answer comes, you’ll remember to thank God for answering your prayers. But when it remains a mental note, you are very likely to forget that you prayed about it even when the answer comes.

Asides writing out your request, it is also vital to take note of what God would be revealing to you in your prayer time. Don’t forget that prayer is not just telling God, it’s also a place to receive from God. With your journal in place, you can readily document the instructions that will come your way.

These said, prayer and fasting is not a fuss. It is a necessary weapon for every believer. As you engage with your heart in this season, God will certainly hear and answer you.

Further Reading: Isaiah 58: 1-14.

Enjoy a most fruitful prayer and fasting season. See you next week!