Hello, amazing you. It’s great to have you join us as always.  Trust you picked up one or two lessons from our prayer and fasting series . You are officially welcome to your season of testimonies. I’m super certain that your deluge of answers are already with you.

Today’s session brings to you the testimony of a lady who refused to be defined by medical report. Although born into a muslim family, she got born again while in secondary (high) school and began to understand that she has a pact of supernatural health as a redemptive right. Please make welcome today’s guest.

1nebody: Thank you so much for your willingness to share your testimony with the world. Can you introduce yourself please?

YJ: My name is Yetunde Johnson (nee Lawal). I was born a few years ago (lol). I am the first of four children. I was born to a muslim father and a Christian mother (both have passed on). Though, my father was a liberal muslim. He did not stop my mother from practicing her religion, she went to church and all. However, she became very committed after I gave my life to Christ.

1nebody: Interesting, can you share the testimony of your salvation?

YJ: I gave my life to Christ in 1993 whilst in secondary school (precisely, JSS 3). For some reason, I almost always found myself in trouble. That day,   I had just finished serving a punishment in the dormitory and went for the night prep class. While in class, one of my classmates told me about Jesus and asked if I wanted to become His friend. I replied in the affirmative and that was how I said the prayer of salvation. That was the happiest night of my life. I felt a strange kind of peace that I had never felt before. I could not explain it but I could not deny it either. That was about 25 years ago and I have not had a reason to look back since then.

1nebody: God bless that classmate of yours. Did you face any form of persecution from your father especially because he was still a muslim at the time?

YJ: I wouldn’t say I faced persecution because my parents were just glad their daughter was a transformed being. Not like I was a bad child though (lol), I guess they just saw a more mature version of their daughter who was now devoted to the things of God. Although, my classmates used to taunt me about ‘proper’ I had become. Other than that, I would not say I faced any persecution. Also, because of my decision, my siblings followed in my steps and also gave their lives to Christ. I cannot thank God enough for this.

1nebody: Awesome. Let’s get to the testimony of your health.

YJ: Okay, I was born with SS genotype. I used to have terrible crises before I gave my life to Christ. I was what you would refer to as a ‘regular’ at the hospital but the  truth is I have never allowed my genotype define me or dictate my lifestyle. I do things thought impossible to be done by SS patients. In fact, in my high school, I was part of the school’s basketball team. I represented my dormitory in long jump competitions.  I insisted I had my own portion of grass cutting (typical of an average Nigerian boarding school). I engaged in all these, disregarding medical advice. I basically ensured my life was not run by the doctor’s report or my genotype.

1nebody: How did you get to this level of conviction seeing many SS patients barely make it through adolescence.

YJ: True, it has been said that SS patients hardly make it to their adolescence. I guess it’s more about information you have and how well you are taken care of and ultimately the God factor. Like I said, before I gave my life to Christ, I would fall into crisis, be admitted and be on drips and injections for weeks. When I gave my life to Christ, I began trusting God for my healing and I prayed continuously. I stopped taking my medications by faith after a while the frequency of the crisis reduced. In a year, I might just have visited the hospital twice, which was a miracle considering the frequency of the past crises. Some have prayed for their genotype to be changed to AA and there are several testimonies to this effect. I know and believe God changes genotypes. But you see, everyone’s testimony can’t follow the same format. That’s why God is God. According to laboratory result, my genotype still reads SS on paper but I am definitely not one by the blood of Jesus. I am very convinced that the blood of Jesus has taken care of any and every impurity in my blood. People, doctors inclusive do not believe I carry the SS genotype unless they carry out tests. I do not look like one and I definitely don’t actually act like one. That is my walk of faith.

1nebody: What was it like getting married, did you experience any disappointments?

YJ:  Before I got married eventually to the glory of God, I had numerous disappointments based on my genotype. In fact,  the mother of an ex (though a pastor’s wife) said her son could not marry me because of my genotype.   The last breakup I had before I met my husband almost killed me emotionally as it was devastating to actually hear a man who claimed to love me say his family rejected me because of my genotype. I think that was the first time I fully recognised the intensity with which society stigmatized the whole genotype thing. I was devastated but I didn’t allow it break me. I remember my father in the Lord advising that I ensured the next guy I would  date is someone with AA genotype. I vehemently told him I would not let genotype be a determinant for me to be with a guy. I determined I was going to love irrespective of genotype and God honoured my faith. Even though my husband is AA which I did not find out until when we were to start the marital class just before our wedding. It wouldn’t have made any difference if his genotype was otherwise. Now, I am not only married, God has blessed us with a child.

1nebody: There are loads of people out there who are not living their lives to the fullest. Not because they don’t want to, but as a result of one medical condition or the other. For instance,they rather not get involved in a relationship not to talk of getting married.  What message do you have for such an individual?

YJ: I would say: Live joyously, love boundlessly and walk by faith. Every disease the enemy has brought, be it cancer, Aids or sickle cell disease has been taken care of at the cross. So live your life like the price has already been paid. Even when the pain comes, know that it cannot kill you because there is a balm in Gilead. Declare the word over your life continously because the word works. Doesn’t the Bible say, “With long life will he satisfy me and show me his salvation?” (Psalm 91:16) This is one of the scriptures I war with and I am fully persuaded by it.  I know I am living a long and healthy life which no devil can cut short.

1nebody:  Wow, I am totally in awe of your level of command over your health.  Though, we need to wrap this up, we’ll be eager to have you do this again some time soon. Again, God bless you for sharing your testimony.   You may not know how many lives will be changed by this.

YJ: I am grateful for the opportunity. People need to know how to maximize the blessings of redemption. I’ll also be happy to do this again.