Giants, in the context of this post refer to oppositions on the way to our promised land.

Although not many would like to hear this, but one is bound to encounter giants before entering the promised land. These giants come in varied forms and sizes and it becomes a matter of choice as to how they are handled. 

In Ezra 5, the Jews were rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem (back up to chapter 1 for better understanding) after God had moved the heart of King Cyrus to order that the Jews embark on this building project. After some time, another governor came on board who questioned the Jews as to who granted them permission to rebuild the temple?

One would wonder, why such a fierce opposition? They weren’t only confronted, this Governor (Tattenai of Trans-Euphrates) sent a letter to King Darius to verify if the Jews had really been permitted to rebuild the temple. He asked King Darius to search through the royal archives if there was any correspondence to this effect.

The search was carried out and King Darius confirmed that indeed the Jews had been granted permission to rebuild the temple. Now, the best part. The King ordered Governor Tattenai to assist the Jews in rebuilding the temple (Ezra 6) . Furthermore, he was to foot the bills from his state’s royal treasury so that there would be no hindrance to the completion of this project. What a humorous God. The same ones who opposed His people were now made to forcefully assist them with their skills and finances.

In the words of Bishop David Abioye, “oppositions are for your up-position.”

True, there are several prophecies God has spoken concerning your life this year . Bear in mind that, there will be giants on the way to your promised land. Would you look them in the face and dare them or would you let them run you over? The choice is yours.

Further reading: Ezra 1-6
God’s blessings always,
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