To those who love to love,
To those who really want to love but do not know how,
To those who think there’s no way to love right,
To those who are hanging in the balance…this one is for you

In nine chapters and 173 pages, Pastor Faith Oyedepo dissects the very popular subject of dating, but this time, with a Biblical perspective to it. She answers bugging questions that many seek answers to, such as:

  • Who can I date?
  • What age can I date?
  • How long should I date?
  •  Can I move in with him/her already?
  • What are the issues to discuss while dating?
  • I have several suitors, how do I know which of them to marry? etc

According to the author, “dating is a fact-finding process which two mature Christian singles of the opposite sex seek to know each other, so as to be able to make a quality decision concerning marriage. The entire process must be purposeful,well-defined and understood.”

This brings to the fore one of the vital lessons from this book. Dating must be purposeful. That means, it is not okay to just date for dating sake or for the purpose of having someone to be tagged with when you know full well that nothing concrete would come out of it.  In the author’s words, ” Dating, is therefore, meant to be between a mature man and woman who have marriage in view in the not-too-distant future.”

Let’s take another lesson from the ‘not-too-distant future’ bit.  While dating, you must avoid ambiguity. Communication is very very necessary. You both must know exactly why you are together and where your relationship is headed. It is unwise to assume things while dating. “Assumption is the major reason for the failure of most relationships.

Very importantly, dating is not the cure to loneliness. You, as an individual must be secure in God first before you can properly handle a dating relationship. Failure to do this, will lead to demanding the impossible from your partner.
Let’s pause here, so I don’t spill it all. Oh and yes, it’s available here for your purchase. It’ll also do as a beautiful valentine’s gift you know, something you can add to the package ♥
God’s blessings always,