Psalm 127:3 says, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” God is still in the business of rewarding people with babies and you are not an exception. With us today is a beautiful lady who has experienced supernatural child birth in spite of lurking fears. Let’s hear from her:

1nebody:  Can we meet you please?

WA: My name is Olawunmi Adelusi (nee Kayode). I am the first of two children. A Chartered Accountant by profession and I love to write, teach and cook. I am passionate about education and excellence in career.

1nebody: Interesting. What was growing up like?

WA:  I was churchy and religious (thanks to my mother…lol); in fact, I attended a seminary secondary school but I later found that I was simply playing religion. I was an only child for nine years and I thought just maybe my parents were not ready for another child, little did I know it was a ‘delay.’ My baby brother came nine years later and oh, how I totally loved him and I still do .

1nebody: Wow, that must have been quite a wait for your mum but you must have been  pampered during the wait?

WA: Yes, it was a long wait but I was also not pampered. My mum was very strict. At a point I thought she was not my biological mother (laughs). She did not spare me at all, I did chores, cooked and everything a good typical Nigerian daughter would do.  My dad on the other hand was always travelling but I had this unexplainable bond with him. Maybe because he always got me the nice gifts though (laughs).

1nebody: Haha.. Most likely so. You spoke about being religious growing up. At what point did you realize it was just religion?

WA: It was in 2007, I had just gained admission into Covenant University and during a particular service, the chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo preached on how until you confess Jesus with your mouth as your Lord and Saviour, you are not born again (Romans 10:10).  He emphasized that new birth has nothing to do with your upbringing or parent’s salvation.  I gave my life to Christ in that service, I got baptized some weeks later and all things became new for me.

1nebody:  It’s a wonderful experience indeed. Let’s back up a bit. From your mum’s experience of delayed child birth, did you nurse any fears of experiencing the same?

WA: It was much later that I fully understood  the issues my mom went through while she was waiting for another child. The infidelity, the in-law tantrums amongst others.  So, I got exposed to what delay in childbirth meant very early in life and that nursed some form of fear but I began praying about it early.

1nebody: I like that. You didn’t take any chances?

WA: No, I did not. Anytime prayers were raised about generational curses, I would pray about it. Along the line, my knowledge in Christ grew and I realized I had been exempted from all of those by the blood of Jesus.

1nebody: Beautiful. So how exactly did you handle your fears?

WA: When I began dating my husband, I shared these fears with him but we conversed about our children like we were not bothered. I would read and listen to testimonies that would charge up my faith. At every avenue I got, I ‘killed’ those fears with my confidence in the word of God. In fact, I had some scriptures which I declared over myself on a daily basis. It was almost like a ritual for me.

1nebody: That means the more knowledge of the word of God you had in you, the bolder you became?

WA: Exactly. The word of God sure works.

1nebody: When you noticed you were pregnant, how did you react ?

WA: Fast forward to June 4, 2016, I got married and somehow the fears came back. We went on honeymoon and got back and I remember sitting down with my bible (hardcopy) to read Psalm 127 and declare it over and over until it became part of me. In fact, I made a list I pasted in our study with names of our children.


A friend told me about a book titled ‘Supernatural Childbirth’ by Jackie Mize, I bought it and began to read it. Unknown to me, I was already pregnant. More like I conceived on my wedding night because I gave birth to my son March 4, 2017 which is EXACTLY nine months after we wedded. And no, we did not have sex before marriage. After a 7 days program we had in church, July 2016, I noticed I didn’t see my period, so I headed to the doctor’s for a check and viola, I was pregnant. I was so elated and I just kept asking God, is that how it works. It was a ‘just like that’ moment for us. Meanwhile, my husband and I were in one of those newlyweds quarrel, the news just ended the quarrel.

1nebody: Lol. I can imagine. Were there any challenges during the pregnancy?

WA: At about 18 weeks of the pregnancy I bled for a day and I was scared. Conducted series of tests and trust me different doctors with different verdicts. My husband just told to stay off further checks and internet. So I do not entertain the fear to the point to damage. I moved on with work and all like nothing happened and the bleeding stopped.


1nebody: That was brave. What other faith steps did you take throughout the pregnancy

WA: During my pregnancy, I spent 15-20minutes everyday declaring the word as in Jackie Mize’s book. Oh my, it was a big sacrifice. Sometimes I would sneak to the rest room at work to say them, sometimes it’s in my car and other times before I slept. I made sure I said it daily like my life depended on it and I reaped the reward. My pregnancy was stress-free, easy and ‘glow-rious’. No nausea, no sleepless nights, cravings or mood swing. Pregnancy was sweet for me and it can be for anyone who decides to do it with the armour of the Word.

1nebody: That’s great to hear. I’m sure this would be a take home for someone reading this. So what was delivery day like?

WA: Friday, March 3, 2017, I went to work as my EDD was 18th of March. After work, I did market runs, got home late and I peeled beans for Akara (bean cake) for Saturday. Hubby and I ate, watched our favourite TV series till like 12am and we slept. I woke the next morning to feel very slight cramps and blood. I told hubby and he said we should go to the hospital for a check-up since I was scheduled for a routine check up on Monday. So yes, we went to the hospital with my handbag and his site helmet. We thought it was going to be a fast check-up.  The doctor checked me and said I was 4cm dilated. Hubby and I looked at each other like, this man possibly does not understand because he’s not Nigerian. His words were ‘baby ready, mummy ready, let’s take you to the ward’. And the journey to delivery began around 11am…I  had contractions here and there and slept in between (lol)….around 5pm the nurses said they could see the baby’s head so I was moved to delivery room.  All I was hearing was push, inhale, exhale , breathe in, breathe out…etc and 6:20pm our bouncing baby boy arrived with lots of hair and glow on his skin. Even the nurses, acclaimed to this. Next day, around 4pm I was discharged and mummy duty began ☺


1nebody: You have a testimony of supernatural childbirth, what would you say to a person who is in doubt of its reality?

WA: Folks, this thing is real and it’s available for all. Available for everyone ready to use the sword of the word. For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heartHebrews 4:12. No matter your situation, there is an answer in the word, search for it and use it.

1nebody: Wow! It’s been such a delight listening to your testimony. Thank you so much for sharing with us and for blessing the lives of several others around the world. Particularly for letting women know that it is possible to have a stress-free pregnancy and delivery. God bless you!

WA: It’s a pleasure. Thank you so much for the privilege.