We’re still celebrating us fe-males in the spirit of the International Women’s day and the upcoming Mother’s day. Well, here’s an ode to as many as have been hurt (or still hurting), the ones who fell out with God or have simply had it really rough…you can get back up again, God loves you and is willing to touch other lives through yours.

Vessel of Honour
Out of the man, she was created,
Subservient to him, no,
Helper to him, yes,
Born into a godly home,
Brought up in the way of the Lord,
Sin depart from,
Vanity beware of,
The company of fools, do not be a part of,
As a compass,
These statements guided her,
Though she knew no guile,
She knew not the redeemer,
About him she knew,
A personal relationship she lacked,
 Slowly but surely life took its course,
Creating a void,
Losses, disappointments, failures,
To whom shall I go?
Among several options,
She made a choice to ignore the tenets handed down to her,
Look what I’ve missed, she thought,
Habitual it became,
But the void got deeper and deeper,
Status materials,
Possessions of all kinds,
Yet, the void nothing could fill,
Gradually she found her way back to the cross,
To the waiting arms of the everlasting father,
Confessed her sins and found new life,
Her mess became her message,
To the ends of the world she bore the message of salvation,
The joy of doing this filled her heart,
She searched for the void,
It seemed it never existed,
She became a succor to many,
Restorer of bridges,
Joy of many generations,
Lacking nothing good,
A vessel of honour she is.
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