Father, Savior, Healer,Redeemer, Protector, Provider, Captain, Keeper, Friend…the list is endless. God is everything you would ever need but He only shows up in the capacity you demand of Him. 
In this song, Kari Jobe ascribes God as being everything to her, though not literally stated, it could be deduced from the lines:

“You hold my every moment,

You calm my raging seas,

You walk with me through the fire,

You heal all my disease”


The pre-occupation of this song is simple yet so powerful; because you’ve been with me in my toughest moments, I trust you, I can confidently say that you are all I need and you are more than enough.

These lines comes across as a testimony of someone who’s been through the ‘fire’ and has come out more than a conqueror. What’s more, she shares her victory statement with the rest of the world through this beautiful piece laced with slow-beat instrumentals.

It is a song of trust, faith, hope, absolute dependence and trust in God and His word.

‘Healer’ was  released in 2009 as a single. The  video and lyrics are very much available.  It will bless you and lift your spirit, it is highly recommended!
God’s blessings always,
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