Hello amazing you. Thought to bring you the concluding part of this review today so that you do not have to wait a whole week.

Let’s pick some more lessons from the text:

  • After you have acknowledged your wrong and want to put an end to it, the author says, ” you must trust God not yourself to get restored. When you reach the end of yourself, then and only then will you find the healing power of God.” Moreso, if we attempt to make it on our own, “our pain will drive us into more sin, we should let it drive us to God. To repentance. To the hope of healing and new life.”
  • In seeking help, which is part of the restoration process; “speak to the right people; learn to be open and honest.”
  • You would also get to learn what is really valuable in life. It is not the accumulation of material possessions but a soul that is sure of eternity with God.
  • When you are sold out to God, you find yourself giving your money, time or energy to the service of God and others. In the author’s words, “Even though it is faith that saves us, it is service to others that fulfills us.”
  • In summary, “A walk with God isn’t challenge free, there would be tests and trials.”

Stephen Arterburn went through all you can imagine: addictions, divorce, the burden and emotional trauma of an abortion, name it. Yet, grace found him and turned his mess to a message.
God’s arms are open wide to receive you as well. He’s willing to give you a second chance.
Recommended read? Most definitely! It’s available to purchase here.
God’s blessings always,