In 139 pages, Stephen Arterburn, author of ‘The God of Second Chances‘ bravely narrates his life experiences from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

Written in two parts and 12 chapters, the author does justice to the subject of the restoration of a lost soul.  He also addresses :raising Godly children, being exemplary and loving parents, the christian journey, sin and its consequences, the power of choice, the right mate myth and so much more.

The Arterburn household was a Godly one where the children, including Stephen were raised to believe in God and His ways. Sadly, as the children grew they found themselves seeking to pursue the pleasures of life and the validation of peers. Stephen, for instance got himself into sexual immorality which led to the abortion of a child. He gave into materialism so much that he got into huge debts as a young adult. His brother, Jerry became a homosexual and eventually died after contacting Pneumonia and AIDS.

They suffered grave consequences of their decisions even though they gave their lives to Christ. This led him to making a profound statement that, “Christianity doesn’t promise that we will be free from the consequences of sin.” He also said, “faith is a process, struggle, doubt & imperfections are not enemies of the gospel, but are often used by God to develop the faith He wants in each of us.”

What timely reminders! That we are saved does not mean we would not face the consequences of our actions. However, the grace of God is what makes the difference because it sees us through the challenges and we come out better and more refined. In fact, we are able to touch the lives of several others like the author does through this book.

Stephen Arterburn did go through a very hurtful phase when he lost all- his job, marriage and no matter how hard he and his wife tried, they could not have children. He was almost made to believe that God was punishing him for his past sins but through a closer walk with God, he realized that they were challenges which he needed to conquer in order to become stronger.

Are you a parent worried sick about your children who have veered off the Godly principles you taught them, a young adult seeking to downplay the consequences of your actions, a repentant soul wondering if God’s grace also covers you, a christian brother/sister always in a hurry to judge your neighbor; you certainly should have a read. You will be glad to meet the God of second chances.

Watch out for part 2!
God’s blessings always,