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Hi all, Happy Easter, oh well, I know the Easter break is past but everyday we are reminded by God of the sacrifice He made through His son for our redemption. It’s awesome to live with that consciousness daily and for this reason, I want to talk about my new found favorite redemption/Easter song – ‘Calvary’ by Hillsong.

This song was recorded in 2014 by Reuben Morgan on the No Other Name album. It is all about the cost of our redemption or as Hillsong puts it the “story of the law colliding with grace”. We must remember that God did not give us Jesus because we deserve it but out of love for us. He felt compelled to save us and bring us back into the fold, which He did by making Jesus pay the price.

‘Calvary’  reawakened my consciousness of the real reason behind Easter celebration- Jesus died so that our sin and shame would not count anymore. His blood was the cost to ransom our souls; now, we are saved, we are free and walking in the reality of the redemptive power of God.

I believe in this season and beyond, we should all remember what the sacrifice and blood of Jesus purchased for us: our freedom, our salvation, our right to enjoy our lives, a new dawn, heaven on earth, forever with Him. As far as you can see, you can get it, WHY? CALVARY COVERS IT ALL!!!

I recommend this song to everyone, it is deep and a proper reminder in this time. You can catch-up on the story  and lyrics as well.




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