We’re still celebrating the risen Christ and we’re not stopping. The aim is to get you to understand that Easter celebration is not just an annual holiday; rather, it’s significance should momentarily live with us.
We got more responses to our question: “what does the death and resurrection of Jesus mean to you personally?”

For me, it means the sacrifice Jesus paid and a demonstration of the power of God.”- Tosin
My death to sin and my resurrection to eternal life in Christ Jesus. My victory over the nature of sin and death” -Goody Nwankwo

“The death and resurrection of Christ  is exactly what this gospel we preach encompasses. Our death to sin, being alive in Christ, righteous, sanctified and redeemed; these all came as a result of His death and resurrection. You see, when the Bible says in John 3:16 that “God gave…” He didn’t literally mean the incarnation of Jesus…He meant His death on that cross. The fact that He could leave His Son for  three days…that’s death…a life outside God. Jesus died the spiritual death right before His physical death.At the point when He shouted “God, God…why has thou forsaken me“…You see, in most of Jesus’ writings He would say ‘Father’, but here He said ‘God’ because he was being faced with judgement. The sin of the whole world was upon Him, He had to experience physical as well as spiritual death. The whole thing would have been a joke if He was not raised from the dead but He loved us too much to stay in that grave. While in the grave for three days, He fought for us and made a public show of the devil and his cohorts.He went through all these so that we would no longer experience spiritual death. He took the power from satan and He said “all powers in heaven and on earth have been given to me” Jesus has the keys now. He fought the battle, won the battle and has given us the victory. Hallelujah! So when God sees us, He sees the finished work of  Christ.Through this,  we are no longer who we used to be but we are who He has always wanted us to be.Now, we can call ‘Abba’, we carry His presence all around because His Spirit lives in us. He is seated at the right hand of the Father, at the Throne of Grace. He is seated as the High Priest who has interceded on our behalf.And the most interesting part is that we are seated with Him. All these came to be as a result of His death and His resurrection. This was something nobody else could do for us except God Himself.So He came as man…started it from the beginning to the end and says… Receive….I have done it all for you. Just for you. A display of His everlasting love to us.”– Christ Representers

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