It’s the start of another beautiful working week.It will be a highly productive one, lines will fall in pleasant places for you and the name of the Lord will be glorified in your life in Jesus name.

Joel 2 narrates the happenings of the last (judgment) day as well as events that would precede it. One of the major highlights that would precede the last day is the rise of a huge army. It will be so significant that, “There’s never been anything like it and never will be again.” (Joel 2:2, the Message). This army obviously is no ordinary army because it belongs to the Almighty God; they are His soldiers.

Verses 4-11 further reel out the résumé of this army.  They are such a force to be reckoned with: highly disciplined, passion driven, skillful, strong…name it. Each soldier has identified a destiny path and is walking in it. As a result, “They don’t get in each other’s way. Each one knows his job and does it.” (Verse 7)

Bitterness, anger, resentment for others would be far from necessary in a situation where each one keeps to his/ her God-given assignment as clearly illustrated in today’s text. Collectively, this army of the Lord cannot be ignored; yet, individually they are not nonentities either because ‘each one knows his job and does it.’ How awesome! This means you don’t have to copy what someone else is doing in order to excel. In your God -given lane, you can excel. You don’t need to jump into another’s tracks to run your race. Rather, find out from the chief commander (God) what your job description is and do it because therein lies your  success. Pastor, Evangelist, Music Minister, Parliamentarian, Governor, President, Nurse, Engineer, Entrepreneur… whichever has been ordained for you; you have been ordained to excel in it.

Getting enlisted is pretty straight forward too. First, confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Then, be a bearer of the good news of salvation, serve God with every opportunity that presents itself, wait on Him for personal instructions…The chief commander rejects no one. Get enlisted today!

God’s blessings always,
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