Hello, amazing you! I know it’s the third week we’re having a song review but you’re about to find out why “So will I” couldn’t wait another week.

“So will I” is one of the songs on the new album, titled “Wonder” released by Hillsong United in 2017. It’s a song of love, salvation, grace, reverence, grandeur…

It exalts the might of God who spoke the earth and all that’s in it into existence from nothing. The one whose creation are a replica of His excellence. The one who is unable to speak empty words,the one whose words nature and science submit to.

It’s about the God who literally chased you until he caught up with you. In spite of your high mindedness and pride, he tracked you down to give you abundant life. He disregarded your 100 billion failures and  gladly chose to surrender His life for you.

It extols the one who loves us equally irrespective of our race, gender, skin color, height, culture; you don’t get it, in spite of our “eight billion different ways”, each of us is precious to Him.

The best part, He’s not tired of loving up on you. If He could do die again, He’s willing to do so 100 billion times. Yeah, that’s how much He loves you and the 100 billion of us on earth (estimated number).

Aren’t you intoxicated by the preoccupation of this song already? You should get acquainted with the song story, lyrics  and video as well.

I certainly recommend this 100 billion X!
God’s blessings always,