When one makes an investment, it is done with the expectation to reap dividend(s) in the nearest future.  Also, the maturity time for investments differ; some take days, weeks, months and others, years. The time frame however, does not determine the eventual outcome of any investment. An investor may wait so long, only to realize that he/she made a wrong choice after all. That said, prayer is one investment that can never go wrong . A few weeks ago,  London Mothers’ Summit was convened by Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo. The running theme for this year’s summit , which is culled from Numbers 17:1-5 is “My Seed Shall Blossom.”  Rev Funke has God’s mandate to lead women all over the world in making the best investment into the lives of their children and generations yet unborn. Thought to share this investment opportunity with you today.

To blossom means to thrive, germinate, grow, prosper, develop, glow, sprout, shoot-out, spark, multiply, bear fruits, arrive on time, be on top, etc. Here are the prayer points from the event:

  • Lord, let me not be ashamed (Psalm 25:2– “O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.”)
  • Oh Lord, deliver me and my children from wicked people
  • Let my children be late for tragedy
  • Lord, comfort every grieving parent
  • Father, let the referees of life be biased in my children’s favour
  • I push my children into greatness in the name of Jesus
  • Lord, when my children are blossoming, no thorn will survive around them. I uproot every thorn, weed in the lives of my children
  • Prayer of strength for single mothers, separated, divorced, widows, mothers of children with special needs
  • Prayer for expectant mothers
  • I come against unending sibling rivalry
  • My children will not die before my spouse and I, my grandchildren will not die before their parents
  • In the gathering of glory, my children, grandchildren and their spouses will not be missing
  • In the gathering of glory, my seed shall not be spectators
  • Father, let my children’s lives retain blessings
  • Let my children overshadow their critics
  • Sudden sickness will not afflict my children and evil dreams will not come to pass in my life
  • My children shall be preserved from evil appointments. They shall not partake of mass disaster
  • My children will not disregard the voices that connect them to God
  • Lord, bless my children and I with sound health, destiny helpers, wealth and on-time blessings

In Jesus Name, Amen.
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God’s blessings always,