Romans 8:28 , ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (New International Version)

ALL means everything excluding nothing.  If you are a lover of God, it means everything is orchestrated by God to work for your good. Yes, that includes the seemingly bad situations as well. You might not be able to explain how it will happen, but God who knows the end from the beginning says, even that bad situation is part of the puzzle and it’s working for your good.

Let’s examine Joseph as a case in point. He was 17 years old  (Genesis 37) when God revealed to him in a dream that he would be a leader. Beautiful dream, right? But guess what followed? Several unpleasant situations. He was sold into slavery by his own brothers, he became a slave in a foreign land.  As badly twisted as the plot was already, it got worse when he was thrown into jail for refusing to lie with Potiphar’s wife.

While in jail, he met a number of people including the King’s cupbearer and the baker (Genesis 40) to whom he narrated their dreams. He emphatically requested the cupbearer to remember him when he got restored to his position but he didn’t remember him until after two years. Can you beat that?

All of a sudden, Pharaoh had a dream that needed an interpretation. Mr cupbearer then remembered that there was this guy in prison who interpreted my dream to me. Joseph was sent for, he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and from the prison he was catapulted to the Government House. This time, he was 30 years old.

What had a jail term to do with his dream of being a leader. Why did he and the cupbearer have to meet in jail? Why did his brothers even sell him off to Egyptians. I bet he was unable to explain these situations while they lasted but in spite of all his travails, his heart for God was unshaken and at the end of the day, everything worked out for his good.

So, cheer up beloved. Keep loving God in spite of that challenge. It’s ultimately working out for your good. Hallelujah!
God’s blessings always,
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