The Collins English Dictionary defines ‘codes’ as a set of rules about how people should behave or about how something must be done.

God, the author of marriage did not initiate it as a necessary evil; rather, He designed it as a blessing. Unfortunately, the situation we have today attempts to negate God’s original plan for marriage. There are so many sad examples of failed marriages around us but who says there aren’t successful marriages to learn from? Pastor (Mrs)Mary Abioye in this 73-page book shares some rules for a blissful marriage.

Things do not work because of the personalities involved but because of the principles applied.’

A successful marriage begins with inviting God into your home. You cannot ignore the dictates of the manufacturer and expect to have a working product. You must dig into the code book (the Bible) to properly decode the principles that make marriages work. Your educational qualifications, level of enlightenment,affluence,age, etc can never substitute for Biblical principles.

‘It is your understanding of the subject of marriage that makes you stand out as a successful married man or woman. Your wealth of understanding determines your level of rest in the home.’

How much of the word of God do you know and apply in running your home? The Bible is a complete manual on this subject and covers every aspect of your marriage: communication with your spouse, submission, home management and even sex. Statistics reveal that many marriages have been dissolved because of sex. It is God’s gift to your marriage and even God is interested in it. If that constitutes the challenge you currently face in your home, the author advises that you revamp your sex life. Make it lively, interesting and exciting. Yes, you can ask God for help in this area, read books and get counsel as well.

The author dedicates the last chapter of this book to expectant mothers (i.e pregnant women and those trusting God to conceive). She advises women in this category to stop entertaining fear. In her words, ‘God who blessed you with this seed is able to sustain the life until delivery…why do you narrate your bad dreams as if they are bible verses‘ The devil is not half as powerful as you think! If you are yet to conceive, you are reminded that you are also a candidate for fruitfulness. God will certainly come through for you.

It’s an extremely recommended read for anyone interested in having a successful marriage. It’s available to purchase here

God’s blessings always,