In commemoration of her first year anniversary, 1nebodyblog had a chat with Joseph Onaolapo, team lead of Light Crusaders Movement. Come along, let’s see what they have been up to in the past 365 days

1nebody: Could you introduce yourself?

J.O: I am Joseph Onaolapo (J.O), a proud Nigerian, an On-Air Radio Personality  in Benin City, Edo State,Nigeria and the lead minister of Light Crusaders Movement. I am all about impact!

1nebody: Wow, all about the impact! Tell us, how did this movement begin?

J.O: Light crusaders came as a vison from God two years ago when I was in a deep season of prayer. I was in my final year in school and I really needed direction on what next to do in life. God specifically told me to ‘gather people and empower them to shine the Jesus light outside the church into all spheres of influence.’

1nebody: Interesting. How did you go about gathering people and about how many team members do you have currently?

J.O: We are about 30 at the moment.I started off by sharing the vision with a few people and they were interested in partnering with me. Former coursemates, people I met at the National Youth Service Camp , referrals, but it’s been largely through social media. We started off with a daily devotional-LiFT : Light for Today; which I write personally and share on various social media platforms. The testimonies have been amazing and humbling. Truth is, I just keep at it even if it’s only one person that responds. The joy of impacting one life is phenomenal, God has been too good.

1nebody: Can’t agree less. Apart from the devotional, how else do you function?

J.O: We have monthly light meetings where we fellowship together and distribute tasks among ourselves. Sometimes, we invite guest speakers as well.

1nebody: You started off on 6th May, 2017, what has been the major highlight of the year? Also, did you at any point doubt if you really heard from God?

J.O: The major highlight of the year would be the courage to begin at all. It took a lot of courage to begin. About  a whole year really but I was too sure I heard God. Even when it was only one person that responded to our posts, there were too many signs especially confirmed by the word of God.

1nebody: So it’s never been about the number of people validating your work?

J.O: Not at all. I am certain I am doing what God wants me to do and that’s all that matters.

1nebody: What are the plans for the new year?

J.O: We’re still finalizing our plans  but we plan to include outreaches to schools. I particularly have a heart for University of Lagos.

1nebody: Any particular reason?

J.O: Well, I am not an alumnus of the School but I am convinced that God has a lot for us there.

1nebody: Are you still open to more volunteers and how could people join in?

J.O: Yes, we are very open. Volunteers could follow us on our social media platforms and we can take it up from there. Send us a dm, drop a comment, we’re always happy to receive more people.

1nebody: Excellent, so if you’re wondering how you could impact your space but you’re not sure how to; you now know what to do. Thank you so much Joseph for your time. We all at 1nebody wish you a very happy birthday and most importantly, we pray you years of greater impact as you shine the light of Jesus!

J.O: Thank you so much for this privilege and a big Amen to that.