Dear Amazing Reader, Happy New Month to you! This month, you will surely overtake and recover all in Jesus Name.

We’re setting the month’s review sessions rolling with this beautiful piece by Jonathan Mcreynolds.

Lovin’ me is an intoxicating love song just as the name suggests.

You see, in God’s love equation, He is the constant while we are the variables. He’s such a lover that He loves us regardless of ourselves and our faults. It doesn’t matter who has written you off,  He says you’re a perfect recipient of  His love.

He’s not waiting for your perfect self, so no need waiting until you think you’re spotless. He already loves you.  At your lowest point, when you don’t even think so much of yourself; He does love you.

Not your shape, size, skin color or any physical feature has a thing to do with it. The songwriter knows this and acknowledges that  ‘even with the pimples on my face, you keep (lovin’ me)’…how hilarious!

This song was released in 2012 but trust me it’s still as new.  The video and lyrics are available for you to get intoxicated on.

God’s blessings always,
**Image: Sourced here