Your name is my Strong tower Jesus,

To you belong all power Jesus,

Whenever I call your name,

You make a way,

Your name is my strong tower Jesus

The recently concluded Hallelujah Challenge and Hallelujah Festival were undoubtedly phenomenal.

The challenge which lasted 14 days started on 25th June,2018 and came to a close with a festival on 9th July, 2018.

Now, the festival was everything and it’s what we’re reviewing today. It kicked off with several hours of praying in the Holy Ghost in order to get the atmosphere charged up for the move of the Spirit.

The main event kicked off at about 10pm (Nigerian time) and lasted a little over three hours. The worship sessions were heavenly; the testimonies, mind blowing; the impact, undeniable and God’s presence, palpable. Several souls got saved, addictions were broken to the glory of God.

While all the other testimonies were great, Pastor Nathaniel’s testimony of his wife’s healing and deliverance remind you that God is faithful and will always make a way of escape for His own.

The best part for me was the ministration of ‘Hallelujah Eh‘, what Pastor Nathaniel referred to as the ‘after party’. It was so prophetic and I cannot get over it. That part was God reminding me that ‘I’ve got you‘ because Pastor Nathaniel literally touched on every desire I had penned down. I’m still dancing, by the time you’re done watching this; I bet you’ll be dancing too.

God bless you Pastor (and your entire team)! May the anointing upon your life never run dry in Jesus name.


God’s blessings always,