Hello amazing reader,

Did you know there is a ‘Won’t He Do It’ song💃💃.The Holy Spirit led me to it after Monday’s Meditation and I have totally fallen in love with it; I am confident you will too.

The major preoccupation of this song is the faithfulness of God. It reminds us that in spite of negative prevailing circumstances, if God has made us a promise, He would definitely come through.
The devil might have orchestrated that situation for your downfall but because God is involved, He will turn it around for your good even to your own amazement.
People around you can’t fathom how you are able to keep your calm.They expect the storms to have toppled you over…hahaha. What they are yet to realize is that God is fighting for you.
In sum, it’s a song of re-assurance that God will do it and that situation will turn to you for a testimony.
This song has a big tick in every regard; lyrics, beat, delivery and all else.
Composed by Richard Shelton, Loren Hills and Makeba Reddick; it was released as part of the Greenleaf Soundtrack Album in 2017.
You should be listening to the song already.
God’s blessings always,