In  Christendom,  the expression ‘God will do it‘ is not far from the lips of many believers. Most often, we believe God will show up for us sometime in the future but not at the particular time we are desirous of that breakthrough; reason being that, our heads cannot exactly decipher how God will do what He has promised.

In Hebrews 11 (the faith hall of fame), the Bible recounts the unpopular yet rewarding steps of faith that every faith character mentioned there took to get results. Let’s examine Noah and Sarah.

Noah was instructed by God to build an ark that would save him and every other member of his family from being wiped out by the coming floods. Note that it had not rained for several years prior to this instruction. As unpopular and laughable as it was, Noah expressed faith in God by building the ark and his generation was spared; (Hebrews 11:7).

Sarah on the other hand was past child bearing age yet, she believed the one who made the promise above all else, including her biological clock; Hebrews 11:11. A major lesson we can draw from these faith characters is that they did not let their heads get in the way of their hearts.

In the words of Kenneth Hagin, ‘Faith in your heart can produce even with doubt in your head.’ Sounds ridiculous right? God never mentioned anything to do with your head all through scriptures because the heart is the place of believe. Romans 10:10 says, ‘For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.’ In essence, your heart and mouth are the requirements for your faith to produce.

Another lesson we learn from this is that God always leaves us with a responsibility. Imagine if Noah never took steps to build the ark and Sarah stopped believing; they too would have been part of the ‘God-will-do-it‘ clan.

Truth is, God will never come through if we don’t do our part. As long as we do our bit, He will certainly do his.  In sum, you just might be the one delaying your miracle by refusing to do your bit because ‘God won’t be greater tomorrow than He is today. He won’t ask you to return tomorrow when He can do it for you today.’- Bishop David Oyedepo
It’s time to take that step regardless of what your head thinks!

God’s blessings always,

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