‘You can’t claim to love a person and not have time for him/her.’

In this message, Joyce Meyer teaches on the importance of spending quality time with God on a daily basis; regardless of how busy you think you might be.
You must have already noticed how every thing around you seems to want your time the moment you want to pray or pick up your Bible to study. Your phone suddenly beeps, you remember you haven’t fed your pet, someone needs your attention or sleep comes knocking (I’m sure you can relate 😄)
Conversely, have you noticed how great your day goes when you are able to set it right in the place of prayer and study of the word? Now, this may not rule out challenges in the course of the day but you would be a step ahead already.
You must cultivate the habit of giving God an early portion of your day. Would this be challenging? Certainly! But you must keep at it. You could begin with say 5 minutes and gradually you will consciously seek to buy more time.
Okay Joyce, I’m willing to give this a shot but I really don’t know what to do within the time I have. In response, she says your time with God doesn’t have to be straight-jacketed. You could praise, worship, read chapters of the Bible, write love letters to God, talk to Him, read books…but ‘what you do isn’t as important as doing that quality time.’
The best part of this message is its practicality. If you really desire an improvement in the quality of your relationship with God, this message would do you a lot of good. It lasts about an hour.
God’s blessings always,
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