B.e.l.i.e.v.e.r … it’s neither a title nor a school of thought. It describes someone who trusts or hopes in another undoubtedly.

Has God  made you a promise that seems to be taking too long to deliver? Are you being scorned and laughed at because you’ve chosen to believe God? Maybe you’re done believing and you’re about to give it all up. You don’t think you can make it through this shaky road; after all, if it was going to happen, God should have done it already.

This may be you right now but you must constantly remind yourself and those contrary voices in your head that ‘doubting God is never the option to consider.’ When it looks like all hell’s been let loose around you, be reminded that you serve the ‘incredible, invincible God‘ who  can ‘crumble the impossible.’

Even when ‘life’s storm is harsh and your ambition starts to wither,  let it be known to you that ‘God can‘ and ‘God will.‘ Isn’t that so reassuring? He is not willing but unable; He is both willing and able to bring you out IF you believe.

That’s the message of this beautiful piece which has been my antidote to doubtful seasons of life. I recommend you soak it all up and you’ll be a witness in no time.

‘I believe‘ was released in 2008 as part of Kurt Carr’s ‘Just the Beginning’ album.

God’s blessings always,