Hello Dear Reader,
Trust you are very well? I need you to know that it doesn’t really matter how long that sickness has afflicted you; Jesus is able to cleanse you and make you whole right now if your faith permits Him.

This song is centered around the testimony of the lame man at the beautiful gate as recorded in Acts 3:1-10. The Bible says the man had been lame from his mother’s womb, which means he must have been in this situation for several years; say well above 20 years.

Due to his impairment, he had resorted to begging alms at the beautiful gate. We could safely assume that prior to his meeting Peter and John, he was somewhat satisfied with his condition probably because he wasn’t aware of God’s healing provision which is available to every redeemed child of God.

However, as soon as Peter and John gave him a brief of God’s healing provision, ‘he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.’ Then, Peter ministered to him in the name of Jesus; and immediately,his ‘feet and ankle bones received strength.’

God is able to heal your spirit, soul and body right now. It doesn’t matter for how long it’s been on. As you meditate on this prophetic song, let your heart be open to receive God’s healing provision. I believe with you that your healing takes place right now in the name of Jesus!

This song is part of the ‘Healing’ album released by Jimmy Swaggart in 2011. It’s also available for purchase

God’s blessings always,
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