Testimonies are one of the most potent means through which the power of God is evidenced. It is also a great way of ministering to those who ordinarily would not believe in the power of God; John 4:48.

‘Rescued from destruction’ is a testimony of the healing power of God in the life of the author. Her being alive today is nothing short of a miracle.

In this book,  the author provides a detailed narrative of how the devil and his demons launched sudden attacks against her health as she went through the valley of the shadow of death for ten months between 2004-2005 and a second attack in 2008. Without any prior incidence which medical doctors could trace the affliction to, she found herself with an unbearable shoulder pain which  degenerated to several other illnesses. It was so severe that she was unable to use certain parts of her body, sleeping was impossible, eating was a luxury she could not afford. In fact, she could no longer perform basic hygiene activities.  There is no second guessing that the devil attempted to kill, steal and destroy.

It was such a fierce battle but thank God for the potency of faith in the word of God. Other Kingdom mysteries such as the Holy Anointing Oil, the Holy Communion, the Prophetic Mantle, Feet washing, Sacrificial Offering, Praise, were also put to work.

Besides these mysteries, she also discusses the importance of having a support system (family, friends and mentors) whose faith can build one up when one is down. In her case, she enjoyed the benefits of strong spiritual connections which she had been nurturing over the years. The prayers, fasting, prophetic covering of these mentors (Pastor E.A Adeboye, T.L Osborn amongst others) played a significant role in the delivery of her testimony.

As much as God laid it in the hearts of several people, prayers were being made to God on her behalf all over the world. However, it is important to point out that she also took personal steps of faith. For instance, even when she was visited by an angel of death which was visible to her alone, she kept declaring that she would not die. She read or sometimes had someone read healing scriptures over her.

Another vital lesson she shares in this book is that positive thoughts alone are not sufficient to battle negative thoughts; positive words must be uttered and they must be followed by corresponding acts of faith.

The following lines became the author’s mantra all through the period of this affliction and even till date. You are encouraged to constantly repeat the same over your situation.

God is too faithful to fail!

He is dependable!

He is more than enough!

The lessons drawn from this text are not limited to health related issues as they can be applied to every other area of your life where the devil seems to be having a field day. Furthermore, being the latest edition, it contains testimonies which other brethren have received through this book. Thus encouraging you that no matter how severe your case is, God is able to turn it around for a testimony. He is still the captivity-turning God and because He did it for the author and others whose testimonies are captured therein,  He is also able to do the same for you!
‘Rescued from Destruction’  is available for online purchase and should also be available in any Christian Bookshop around you.

God’s blessings always,