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It’s a book review edition and trust me this book is everything and more. It will push you out of mediocrity and cause you to strive for greatness. You may be born again already but it’s not an automatic ticket for greatness; you must be willing to pay the price.

In seven chapters, 144 pages, the author educates the reader on becoming the best version of one’s self drawing lessons from a physical eagle. He says just like an eagle is ordained to soar, God has ordained you to soar but this is not obtainable without first looking into God’s word in order to realize your spiritual identity. In the author’s words, ‘no one arrives at a future he cannot see‘. It therefore beholds on you to take the responsibility of discovering yourself through the word of God.

As highlighted in the text, God has ordained you a spiritual eagle, as a king to reign on the earth, as salt of the earth and light of the world, a giver not a beggar, a fruitful vine not a barren fig…The author, however draws the reader’s attention to a spiritual fact. Although, you are the ‘light of the world‘, you are also mandated to ‘let your light shine‘; thus, it is your responsibility to make your light shine. It is not your parents responsibility , not your coach, not even your spouse because ‘it is impossible to become a star using another man’s feet …it is the personal exercises we engage in that determine our efficiency on the racetrack.’

Furthermore, the author lists certain attributes of the physical eagle that must be imbibed by anyone who is interested in soaring like a spiritual eagle. These include: determination (e.g. an eagle can lift a whole goat in the air and fly with it), discipline (in your time and resources), diligence, sacrifice, meekness, etc.

In conclusion, understand that ‘you are redeemed to make an impact not just a living, you are not for mere survival...’ Begin to think beyond your current situation, location; you are made for global relevance and nothing less!

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