Brand new week =brand new blessings!

Today’s meditation stems from 1 Kings 18. In previous chapters, we see how Elijah caused rain to cease in Samaria. However, at the beginning of this chapter, God tells Elijah to go meet Ahab because He was sending down rain.

Note that Ahab had been seeking to kill Elijah since the drought began. In fact, he referred to him as ‘the troubler of Israel’. Not caring for his life, Elijah met Ahab and proclaimed the word of the Lord to him saying, ‘Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.’

Prior to this, Ahab had witnessed the power of the God of Elijah at Mount Carmel;  where the fire of God fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, thus making a folly of the Prophets of Ball.  By this precedence, Ahab knew better than doubt the word of God from Elijah. So, he did as he was told not minding that there hadn’t been rain for three long years.

Because prophecy had gone forth and it had to be fulfilled; Elijah returned to Mount Carmel and prayed down the manifestation of this prophecy. He prayed first time, no sign of rain. He prayed a second time,still nothing. He kept up until the seventh time and there was a teeny weeny cloud which his servant described as ‘a little cloud out of the sea, like a man’s hand.’

His servant was probably thinking ‘surely this can’t be more than light showers’ but Elijah knew better. He sent the same servant to Ahab saying, ‘Prepare thy chariot, and get thee down that the rain stop thee not.’ 

Maybe you’ve been praying on that matter for so long and it doesn’t look like anything is happening. You’ve gone up to the sixth time, yet nothing. Be encouraged! God hasn’t forgotten about you. Keep going, keep pressing, keep believing because there is a sound of abundance of rain!

(A careful read of the entire chapter would aid better understanding)


God’s blessings always,


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