How could God let this happen?

Where was He when this happened?  In fact, with what I’ve been through, I won’t be wrong to say there  is no God.

I am really sorry about your experience(s); truth is, God still loves you. He permitted the situation because He knew you could pull through (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I recently heard someone say God is not a wicked examiner; He won’t give you first degree examinations while you are still a high school student. He knows just how much you are able to bear per time. This is so relate-able!

That situation may not be pleasurable right now but you need to come to terms with this truth-God is good. As Chris Tomlin puts it in his song, He’s a good good father. The devil will try to sell you lies when contrary situations arise but God is nothing less than good and He’s with you right in the midst of that storm.