”Be my strength, my strength O God! ”

The words that would then break me and send me into vulnerability!  Little did I know the vulnerability would then birth strength, smiles and indeed open my eyes to the presence of hope.

I had received very horrible news that day, but I decided to attend this Night of Worship anyway realizing that if I sing the words:

              ”I will worship you always 

                 You’re my God”

then my pain wouldn’t be enough to hinder my worship.

Terrible, because I was not sure why it happened or how it happened and I was holding on to some type of miracle. Now, while I wasn’t sure what the miracle would be, I just hoped there would be one.  I am the worst at grieving; I would rather be silent than say anything simply because I don’t believe anything I say would be the right words.

Then the minister would sing the words,

be my peace, be my peace, oh God

That was it. I felt the pain leave. The pain was leaving, I felt that now the Holy Spirit would help me comfort my friends on their loss. The simplicity of the lyrics to this song makes it impossible not to connect.

Not in the chords, or the beat or even the harmonious vocals but in the depth of the simple words calling on to God to by my present help.

Acknowledging the fact that when I am indeed overwhelmed, I need the strength of God,

   “Father light the way, be my present help” 

This to me signifies that I can call on God to show up whenever so in the present, in the future and it will be done!

I easily connected with this song hearing the minister tell his story physically (yes I met Phil Thompson 😁☺😉

I hope that in your moment of pain, stress and grief you remember that God is still God and if you call on Him, He’s always there with you and just as your situation doesn’t change how He loves you, it shouldn’t change how you love Him!

Remain in God’s peace!

Jane Juru