Hello Dear One,

Trust you are doing great? It’s a Review Thursday and I imagine you already have an idea about what we’re reviewing today. Wanna make a guess? 🙂

Oh well, it’s a relationship route today 👏👏👏😍 Ella and Dara in their most recent post, chat about this much-talked- about topic.

So, what are your thoughts? I mean how far do you think,is too far? Biblically, we know God says to keep the marriage bed undefiled, yet in an attempt to be up to beat, we try to see if we can maybe strike a balance.

Aunty Lara (the guest on the show) makes a very interesting observation. She says instead of being afraid of what you don’t want to be caught doing, how about you focus on those things you would like to achieve in that relationship. Deep yeah? I thought so too.

I’ll leave you to watch the video and make the most of it. It only lasts about 16 minutes and there’s no doubt that you would be thoroughly blessed.

Thank you Aunty Lara, Ella and Dara for such an impactful session, God bless you!

God’s blessings always,


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