Hello Dear One,

It’s a Review Thursday edition 💃 It’s good to have you as always. Today, we’re treating you to a double K and J edition J how awesome is that!

Having to watch these two generations of the Copeland’s and Savelle’s is totally heart warming. In a world where genuine friendships are scarce, these families are proof that it is possible to have a friend that sticks closer than a brother and God still makes covenant connections possible.

Brothers Copeland and Savelle in this interview testify about how God brought them together 50 years ago and how they have stayed true to each other for that long.

Incredible isn’t it? Mind you, Brother Savelle served under Brother Copeland’s ministry for several years before God asked him to launch out into his own ministry. This goes to say, it doesn’t always have to be messy when ministers (especially) have to launch out.

Plus, it’s not particular to ministers alone, as long as you relate with people, bear in mind that you could have it great-doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is.

These ministers end the show by praying for you, if for nothing else, you should watch it through to receive this blessing 👼👼

Be sure to share this with your covenant friends and let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. I’ll do the same.

God’s blessings always,