Hello Amazing Reader,

How’s your weekend coming along? A few months ago, we played host to the visioner of the Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM), Mrs Tolulope Tunde Ajiboye in one of our showcase editions. In that interview, she narrated how BLAM is focused on supporting women (between ages 22 and 40) discover and live in the reality of all that God has called them to be.

One of the ways the ministry achieves this is through seminars and conferences aimed at imparting the participants as well as providing spiritual nourishment. Quite a number of these fora have held this year and they have been phenomenal. In case you missed out on these, another opportunity’s here!

BLAM’s hosting a hangout for ladies in Nigeria’s capital city. Date is 7th December 2019. Venue: Millenium Park; Time: 12 noon.

It’s a free event but you are required to register. Additional details are available here.

Invite your friends and friends of your friends😉 there’s plenty of room for everyone