Hello Dear One,

Trust you are doing amazing? We’re gearing up for Shiloh 2019, where God has promised to hand to us the breaking limits anointing.

In getting ourselves ready for this encounter, reminding ourselves of what God said to us at Shiloh 2018 is paramount and that’s the aim of this review. Every Shiloh encounter is capped with an impartation service where participants are anointed and imparted, in this case, with the spirit of dominion.

What did God say to you at Shiloh 2018? Have you received your testimonies yet? Have you given up on your dominion mandate? Be assured dear one that God is a covenant keeping God; if He promised you dominion, He thoroughly meant it. It’s six days to Shiloh 2019, too much a period for God to flip the script in your favour. How about you take some time to reflect on what He said to you and go ahead to express your desire for your dominion order of testimonies.

Remember, God is never late.

God’s blessings always