Hello Dear One,

I trust you are doing great and the new year has been wonderful so far?

One of the highlights of my Christmas holiday was getting to see Overcomer movie by the Kendrick brothers. A dear friend invited me over and got me to finally watch it.

You’re probably familiar with Fireproof, War room, Courageous; these are all from the Kendrick brothers and Overcomer, being their sixth production is nothing short of excellence in all ramifications.

The movie centers on God’s love for His children as spelt out in Ephesians 1 and 2. Irrespective of our current situations, we must understand that God loved us before the world began and we have an overcomer’s identity.

This is what the star of the movie, Hannah Scott eventually comes to realize. Born an orphan, Hannah thinks the worst about herself and this causes her to engage in the act of stealing; she pilfered wherever and whenever.  At school, she registers as a cross-country athlete; even though an asthmatic patient. No one thinks it’s possible for her to engage in such a sport, especially not with her health condition. Moreover, she is the only student signed up for it. Is she going to be worth Coach John Harrison’s time; a once successful basketball coach, who’s now left to coach a one-man cross-country team.

One event leads to another and Coach John meets Thomas Hill, who’s now blind and on a sick bed. It turns out Thomas Hill is Hannah Scott’s father. Would she forgive him for abandoning her as a kid?

The best part for me is when Thomas gets to audio coach Hannah in the cross-country finals. Of his several statements to her, he says “tell your body your mind is in charge today…Your body will tell you it’s tired but tell it not today… Focus on what’s ahead, don’t let the past slow you down.”

That was significant for me. It is likened to God constantly speaking to us as we run the ‘cross-country’ race of life, if only we would listen to His word and have it stored up in our hearts. Doing so would make us overcomers and like Hannah Scott, encumbrances, health conditions and the likes would no longer matter.

Overcomer is an American Christian drama, suitable for all ages. It was released in August 2019 and it’s available to watch or purchase here.

Trust me, this is one movie you’ll be glad to see.

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