Hello Amazing Reader,

In one of our showcase sessions in December 2019, we introduced you to Dunsin Oyekan’s latest album, Kingdom Now. We emphasized on the depth of intimacy through which the revelations (songs) were delivered.

In today’s post, we’ve got one on the tracks God up for review.  This song is all about extolling the greatness of our God- He is the only definition of a God; none to compare with Him; everything starts and ends with Him; never changing;  the multi-faceted God who makes a way, raises the dead, heals the sick… ; that’s our God.

When there’s nothing more to say in the face of a ‘Goliath’ or you just need to be lost in worship, this is a song for you.

Recommended?  That’s an understatement, listen already and I imagine you would have it permanently on repeat.

God bless you Minister Dunsin!!!