Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s great to have you as always. I am really excited about the message we’re reviewing because of how much good it will do in your life. I haven’t stopped listening to it since I encountered it. In fact, I doubt your experience will be any different.

On this episode, Jerriann & Terri define audacity to mean- nerve, grit, fearless, daring, and do on. They go on to establish that the word of God has the combination required for anyone and everyone to be successful, regardless of race,gender, age…

However, if you must display audacious faith, the following combination codes must be put to work:

Have the audacity to believe in yourself– Terri explains that there is a direct connection between your potential, purpose and passion. It doesn’t matter where you are currently at or what your life looks like because
God is a master at making champions out of nobodies.

Have the audacity to believe that every day matters
Terri notes that most successful people have similar habits; many are enrolled in Automobile University (i.e they invest their drive time to improve themselves by listening to sermons, podcasts and they read great books as well. She further analyzes that if anyone dedicates 20 minutes daily to self development, such a person would experience a change in his/her thought process and ultimately a change in life.

Have the audacity to visualize your future
This is the third and final point on this episode. As a born again child of God, you have the DNA of the Almighty God but what you see about your tomorrow determines whether or not you will get there.

This could as well be your first lecture as an Automobile University student 😉 be blessed as you soak it in.