Dear Temple of God,

It’ll be great to read 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, it speaks about you being the temple of God. If you were ever in doubt with regards to this truth, study this scripture and you’ll observe your doubts walking out the door 🙂

Because Thursdays equals Review Days, we’ve got another review for you today. And yaaay, it’s a book edition today.

What makes this title interesting is, more often than not, many of us don’t like to wait and this title looks like something to the rescue because it talks about ending the wait, so why not? You would need to switch that perspective if this book would benefit you.

One major lesson this book has taught me is that waiting isn’t a curse. If you are in a waiting season, it doesn’t mean God loves you less than your neighbor who already has the blessing you’re believing for; it only means He’s taking you through a preparatory phase and if you realize it as that, you will be better positioned for your blessing when it eventually reaches you.

“Your waiting season is to equip you for what you are believing for .”

The writer, Bunmi Oduah had to go through two waiting seasons. First, for her marriage and then, for a baby. These are not juicy waits right? Having been through these waiting seasons, God is using her to let others know that waiting seasons carry blessings and there are certain things you can do while you wait that will make the season absolutely worth it.

It is important to state that this book isn’t only relevant to those believing God for marriages or children; as long as you are in a waiting season for a blessing that seems to be delayed, this is for you. Whether it’s a dream job, scholarship, financial breakthrough… this book is for you.

One beautiful thing about this book is that you can read it on the move. The brevity can attempt to have you distracted from what’s in it for you, so please don’t be distracted.

And something else, it’s a free read. So, you’ve got no excuses really. Click here to have your copy and be sure to direct everyone within your circle to the same site.

Intimacy with yourself is critical to being the house for the blessing you are believing for.”