Dear Protected One,

Trust you are doing well? In the midst of the current pandemic the world is faced with, please be reminded that God does love you and as long as you are his child, He has a covenant of protection with you. This is clearly stated in Colossians 3:3; our lives are hid in christ, in God. That means, you are hidden in Christ who is also hidden in God.

In essence, for any plague to get a hold of you, it has to get to God first 😀 Do you now see why there’s no need to panic, God’s got you! Be rest assured that the pandemic of COVID-19 will ultimately work together for your good, irrespective of what it might have cost you so far.

God gave Bro Kenneth Copeland a message for us a few days ago. God says to let us know that this would be over much sooner than you think. Can I get an Amen?

You would be doing yourself a lot of disservice if you choose to believe the news above the word of God. Why not believe the word instead. We’re presented with a wonderful opportunity to share with the world, God’s covenant of protection.

This is our way of spreading faith. Yes, we are of the faith company and we choose faith over fear.

Listen to the message here and do well to spread the word.