Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust you are doing great? The first half of 2020 is gradually making room for the second half; regardless of the devil’s attempts at causing fear and panic world over, God has kept us safe and secure. Gloryyy to God in the highest. We’ve got a guest review today 💃💃please come along.

This beautiful, inspiring and spiritually uplifting song was released in March 2020 in the wake of a global tension created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its release, the song has been covered by many notable artistes and choirs around the world providing succour and encouragement to its listeners.

The song is inspired from Numbers 6: 24– 26 where God commanded Aaron through Moses to pronounce a blessing upon the Israelites. From the passage of the Bible as also seen in this song, the blessings of God encompass the totality of our existence. Simply put, God’s blessings are comprehensive in nature.

A proper depiction of the efficacy of God’s blessings is shown in Chapters 22-24 of Numbers where Balaam the diviner was paid to curse the Israelites and was unsuccessful because according to him he “couldn’t curse whom the Lord has not cursed” (Numbers 23 vs 8). He went on to bless them seven times instead.

The blessings of God are an escape from a life of toil, fear, uncertainty and every evil ravaging our world. His blessings which can only be found in Christ Jesus are available to all His children. The song could not have been released at a better time as it reinforces the position of the believer and the benefits of redemption.

The song is available on YouTube, as well as every music streaming site and I can guarantee that once you play it, it’ll be on repeat for days, maybe months or even years😀😀. Everyone loves to be blessed, right?

Remain conscious of the blessings of God upon your life dear redeemed.

Love Always,