We’re going country with today’s review, on y va!

“If I sing but don’t have love, I waste my breath with every song…

So, let my life be the proof of your love

So, let my love look like you and what you are made of

How you lived, how you died

Love is sacrifice…”

These are the words from the song titled “The Proof of Your Love” by the pop duo, for KING & COUNTRY. The duo are two Australian brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone, who sing contemporary Christian songs. This song is out of their first album, Crave that was released in 2012. It’s a song about the unmerited love of God that we are privileged to enjoy, day in, day out. Most importantly, the song preaches love, and it expresses the true meaning of love.

Which brings us to this- What does love mean to you? Let’s put this in perspective. I am sure you all remember the story of the poor widow in Mark 12: 41-44, who gave everything she had without any worry or fear of how she would be affected. That is what love looks like. 1 John 4:7 says God is love; so, when you have love, you have the spirit of God inside you, you become Christ-like. You can give the best gifts, say the nicest things, preach the gospel to unbelievers and it will all mean nothing if your heart is not in the right place. Love is from the heart, it goes beyond just giving, it starts with your intentions. What are your intentions?

In actual facts, I see this song as a prayer because the ability to genuinely love like Christ can’t be done with the human strength or intelligence. The Bible says in Luke 6:32 that if you think you are going to be blessed for loving your loved ones, then, think again! The blessing comes from your love to those who don’t deserve it, those that have hurt you and those that hate you, because that is what Jesus would do, that is what his love looks like. The kind of love that leaves the 99 just to find the 1 (more on that in a subsequent post).

Love is sharing your best opportunities with your friends, lifting others up financially and spiritually, praying for your country, caring for the sick even when it is uncomfortable. There is a part in the song that says that if you give to the poor without love in your heart, then you are poorer than the poor. So, I encourage you to listen to this song and make it your own prayer that from now on, your life and the kind of love that you let in your heart will be a replica of Jesus’ selfless and love-filled life.