Hello Dear Reader,

It’s always a delight to have you stop by. Here’s hoping the month has been so far, so great?

This showcase edition is dedicated to reminding you that in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty that currently characterize the entire globe, you and yours can experience all-round rest. This covers your finances, health, career, family… you name it. But, this state of rest is only possible through Jesus.

Next to salvation is a life devoted to serving God and His interests. We see companies jealously guard their best talents, they do all within their ability to ensure they create the best working conditions for this category of staff, all in a bid to prevent them from being poached by competitors.

If companies go all out, how about God? He’s willing to bring you into the realm of all-round rest, but there’s also what you must do.

Across all Living Faith Churches (Winners Chapel International) tomorrow, Sunday 30th August 2020, we’ll be unpacking the keys to all-round rest. Please locate the branch closest to you, or join the headquarters virtually using this link, from 6am (WAT).

Do well to invite others, God bless you!