Hi Fam,

Trust the new month has started out on a great note! We’re praying you God’s best, not just for the new month but all through the remaining part of the year and even beyond in Jesus name.

Anything less than maximum is mediocrity. Mediocrity is living below our known,true potential. – Myles Munroe

Did you know God has stored up great potential within you? In fact, not only are you blessed with so much abilities, He has also placed within your reach all you need to be the best version of yourself. However, we don’t get to realize how much God has for us because we’re only moving as far as we will, not as far as we can.

Deep right? We’ve had many of such aha-moments while reading and discussing Myles Munroe’s “Maximizing Your Potential: The Keys to Dying Empty.”

We’re about half way through our read and we’ll be having yet another discussion today; we thought to remind you that you can join us. This link gets you in, time: 7pm (WAT), 1pm (CST), 2pm (EST).

P.S: Details are available on the flyer.