I just want to make Jesus proud! Is this your desire as well?

As a believer, this should be the core of your faith. Not titles, not fame, not even your ability to pray the loudest or longest.

The Christian faith will be entirely meaningless for anyone who ticks all the boxes according to human standards, yet loses the core of making Jesus proud.

As the song writer says, this should be the desire of every believer. Having received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, your earnest desire should be to make Him proud. And no, this isn’t the exclusive responsibility of ministers, evangelists, prophets, etc. It’s for every believer, irrespective of your gender, age, or qualification.

But how can I make Him proud? Someone’s asking.  Your words, actions, inactions, thoughts, living out your purpose… these are some of the channels through which you can make Jesus proud.

Worthy of mention is that you can’t achieve this by your strength. You need the help of the Holy Spirit, He is the one to empower your decision of making Him proud.

Would you make this song your anthem going forward?

This is such a timely addition to the body of Christ, God bless you Minister Victoria!