Hello Dear One,

Welcome to Review Thursday! It’s a message edition today.

In this message, Jerry Savelle describes a defining moment as a life changing moment; one that is capable of changing the course of a person’s life forever. And guess what, we are in another defining moment. Not just pockets of us, but the body of Christ around the world.

Okay, I’m still trying to process what this is all about… How about you come along with us, you’ll figure it out in a bit.

Jerry Savelle provides several definitions of a defining moment. One of which is a life transforming moment.

Using experiences from his personal life, Kenneth Copeland’s and through Biblical references, he unpacks what defining moments are. One of such for him was when he attended one of Kenneth Copeland’s meetings in 1969, he had at that meeting heard the word of God like never before, and that experience caused him to turn his life over to God.

For Kenneth Copeland, his attending Oral Roberts University presented him with the opportunity of being mentored by Oral Roberts and that changed the course of his life forever.

How about Apostle Paul? One of his defining moments was experiencing Christ on his way to Damascus. Through that encounter, he became one of the greatest apostles in history.

Jerry Savelle lets us know that the body of Christ is in one of its defining moments. What we say, do and how we act through this COVID-19  pandemic will define the course of history. Have you stopped believing God because of the pandemic, has your spiritual life suffered a decline?

Something else to draw from this message is the possibility of a healthy and sustainable spiritual partnership. Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle have been a team for the past 50 years! Now that’s huge. Apart from the faith and victory teachings they are known for; successful and healthy partnerships is yet another area they exemplify.

You can listen to the message here. I should give you heads-up on the level of humor you’re about to encounter as well 😀