It’s a beautiful new month and the beginning of the last quarter of 2020; what a blessing to witness this season!

Blessed be God who has kept our eyes from tears and our feet from falling. The faithful God who has kept us thus far, will yet see us through this year and beyond in Jesus name.

This season of the year is synonymous with celebrations and festivities, it’s also a season where high rates of crime are recorded. But, for us only goodness and mercies will be our lot. God has organized glory for us in this season and through Freke Umoh’s song, we are exposed to how we can experience this glory.

The song writer says:

I cannot call on your name and end up in shame

No way, No way

He further reminds us that there is no middle ground, you’re either bowing before God or bowing before men. You are either trusting in God or trusting in men. Mind you, trusting in God makes Him absolutely responsible for you.

What’s your choice? Soaking in this amazing song is a great way to begin the new month and quarter.

Have a glorious ride through the season.

God’s blessings always,