Hello Amazing Reader,

How’s October coming along? It’s a book review edition and we’ve got an absolutely incredible read on our slate👏👏 Please come along.

Have you encountered those who seem to know so much about their passion, yet their lives don’t seem to reflect what they communicate? There’s yet another category of individuals who personify what they communicate. Describe Myles Munroe as an Apostle of Purpose and you won’t be wrong. Although he’s now transited to heaven, there was an unmistakable alignment between his life and all that he stood for, one of which was purpose.

In this 10-chapter read, the writer talks the reader through the importance of purposeful living. Although the title speaks about potential, the author makes it clear that there is a mutual relationship between potential and purpose. For instance, he states that when an individual discovers purpose, untapped potentials are brought to the fore. On the other hand, recognizing one’s potentials could also lead to the discovery of purpose.

Here are some (paraphrased) highlights from the book:

If you’re not living out all that God has called you to be, you are not maximizing your potential.

You can choose to go as fast as you can or as fast as you will.

You haven’t truly maximized potential if you haven’t reproduced in another generation.

Work is God’s gift to help you discover your potential.

A man without God is life without living.

Potential is maximized and fulfilled only when it is shared.

Potential is a personal decision, but not a private issue.

Something else worthy of mention is that we recently completed this read in our book club. We took turns to share the insights we got from the book, and one major feedback from our growing community was that it was a timely read. We’re elated at what God is doing in our midst and our arms are wide open to have you join our next read. Send us a mail right away and you’ll be glad you did.

Caution: If you’re okay being complacent, this isn’t recommended for you, but if you’re all up for purposeful and impactful living, please use this link to purchase your copy.