Hello Amazing Reader,

How’s your week coming along? Welcome to another review session, we’ve got an ah-mazing song on our slate today; one of Nathaniel Bassey’s latest releases and he’s done this with Chandler Moore & Oba.

‘Olorun Agbaye’ is a Yoruba phrase which means King of the Universe. The song is all about extoling the King of the Universe- the good God, kind One, Elyon, Elohim, Alalese Lewi (The One that says a thing and does it). Guess what, He also has a track record of keeping His word and He’s not about to stop doing so.

Wohoooo!!! The King of the Universe, the center of power and strength, the One who is able to change any and every circumstance. That’s the God we serve.

Talk about the chant by Oba, goodness gracious! It literally takes you to heaven. Absolutely angelic and beautiful.

Olorun Agbaye o, (you’re Mighty o)
Olorun Agbaye oh, oh
(you’re Mighty o)
Shebi iwo lo f’oju orun, (S’aso bora)
Shebi eyin le f’oju orun o (S’aso bora)
Olorun Agbaye oh, (you’re Mighty o

This song is worth every bit of your worship time. Caveat though, Nathaniel Bassey suggests you may not be able to multitask while listening to this song and I totally agree because it can get you drunk in the Spirit 😁😁